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Hypnosis And Advertising (& Anchoring)

electrolytes_smWhy do advertisers do funny or heartwarming commercials that have little to do with their product? Is there an insidious form of hypnosis they’re using, that doesn’t even require you to consciously remember their brand name? Well, yes! And what does this all have to do with high school, effective therapy, and electrolytes?

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Anchoring, Hypnosis & Advertising

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The Easiest Ways To Book More Sessions

BookMoreSessionssmWhat are the most efficient and cost effective ways to book more client sessions? You probably know the answer. But do you have a system to make it easy for you? Do you have a process in place that practically, automatically gets you the easiest and most profitable sessions booked? And do you want to do it without hard selling?

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The Easiest Ways To Book More Sessions

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The ‘Critical Factor Bypass’ Mindset That Multiplies Success With Hypnosis

mindset_smHow do you make sure hypnotic suggestions have the maximum impact? If you do self-hypnosis and you don’t know this, you’re missing out. And if you’re a hypnotherapist and don’t explain this to your clients, you could be allowing all your hard work to go down the drain. What’s the big deal?

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The Mindset That Multiplies Success With Hypnosis

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