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Are You “Unconscious” When Under Anesthesia?

Nurse with anesthesiaThere’s evidence to suggest that people can accept suggestions while under anesthesia. In other words, just because you’re unconscious doesn’t mean you’re not listening. And not only are you listening, but what the people around you say could have a profound impact on your life. And unfortunately, for the most part, medical personal are not trained in this or even aware of the dangers of…

Suggestion Without Protection: Are You “Unconscious” When Under Anesthesia?

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More Tips For A Successful Hypnotic Induction

cloudsDiscover an easy way to create you own hypnotic inductions and a powerful way to make any induction you do more effective. One day I needed a new induction. I was shooting video for my hypnosis course and I had a guy coming over in a few minutes. Rather than do a repeat of an induction I’d done earlier, I wanted some variety. But what to do?

Discover the answer in…

More Tips For Successful Hypnotic Inductions

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