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Reframing: Simple Strategies

Reframing is the heart of NLP. Hypnotic suggestion results in reframing. Anchoring can cause reframing. 6-step reframing is, uhm, reframing. In the end, people come out of a successful session with a different perspective, or, “frame” about whatever they wanted help for. That frame can be conscious, unconscious, or both. Reframing can be particularly useful, when a […]

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10 Minutes To Confidence — Conversational Reframing

10-minutes-confidenceHow can you elegantly change a person’s outlook with a simple text conversation? How do you boost confidence? What is reframing and how can using it conversationally add power to your therapeutic interventions and your ‘normal’ conversations. What do the colors blue and green mean?

Find out some of the answers in…

10 Minutes To Confidence — The Art Of Conversational Reframing

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Negative Reframing

Caution HeadWhen is being “negative” a positive? How can an insult help someone out of a negative feeling? What is reframing and why is it so important in NLP? What would make Journey stop believin’? How can you use exaggeration as a therapeutic technique? How do you help people turn around beliefs that are getting in their way using patterns that they already have?

These answers and more in Negative Reframing

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Reframing In A Smoking Cessation Session

Listen to potions of a smoking cessation session to learn how context and meaning reframing can be used to help a client more easily overcome her old habit. Includes reframing resistance into an advantage, an ability to get things done and the reason previous attempts to stop smoking did not work (and by implication, the reason this time would work).

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NLP Strategies That Help Treat Clients Struggling With Compulsion

Mind over matter. Get out of your head. You’re overthinking it. Any of these phrases sound familiar? One of the largest personal obstacles to overcome is our programming. We teeter-totter between decisions; we question our outcomes; we sometimes wonder if we would have done things differently. It’s human nature. When working with clients – how […]

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