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Superlearning With Submodalities — It’s Easy

GuitarHow do you use NLP to help you learn things faster? Is there a coding system in the mind that you can use to program yourself directly? What could you do if you were able to program the mind directly instead of slower methods like affirmations? Why do the qualities of the pictures and sounds you make inside your mind make such a big difference in what you can accomplish?

Find out in Superlearning With Submodalities — It’s Easy

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Submodalities Home

Submodalities Submodalities are the qualities of our thoughts. They’re important because they let us know how to feel about what we think. They’re literally a coding system for the brain. Each person’s coding system is different. Unlock the code and you can easily make changes in how you (or your clients) operate! Part 1 is […]

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Goals & Positive Thinking

Recently, I saw yet another article that (partially) missed the boat. It talked about studies that indicate that positive thinking about a goal actually decreases the chances of you reaching the goal. The article added that people who spend time thinking about the obstacles they face in reaching their goal, and how they’re going to […]

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NLP & Hypnosis Training & Education

Fundamental Programs For Therapists Hypnosis Certification Gain confidence with hypnosis, inductions & the art of suggestion with this complete, direct suggestion hypnosis home-study course. After completion of the course you can apply for certification with the International Hypnosis Association. Learn More Smoking Cessation If you want to help people quit smoking, it helps to get […]

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