What If Suggestions Don’t Work?

I recently got an email from a fellow who had hypnotized someone, given them suggestions, but the suggestions weren’t followed. He asked me for advice about ‘what went wrong’. Well, let me straighten a couple of things out, and give some suggestions as to how to make sure a higher percentage of your suggestions take […]

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Reframing: Simple Strategies

Reframing is the heart of NLP. Hypnotic suggestion results in reframing. Anchoring can cause reframing. 6-step reframing is, uhm, reframing. In the end, people come out of a successful session with a different perspective, or, “frame” about whatever they wanted help for. That frame can be conscious, unconscious, or both. Reframing can be particularly useful, when a […]

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Hypnosis Domains For Sale

Hi folks, I’ve got some awesome domain names for sale, and not enough time to take advantage of them. If you’re interested, make an offer! metaphysicalhypnosis.com baltimorehypnotherapy.com detroithypnotherapy.com fortworthhypnotherapy.com hypnosiscollege.com hypnosisoklahomacity.com hypnotherapycleveland.com hypnotherapyomaha.com milwaukeehypnotherapy.com neworleanshypnotherapy.com Keith

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