Balloons and Other Wisdom

A friend, (she’s a Licensed Mental Health Counselor) recently used a metaphor with a couple of family members who were not communicating with each other. She had them put all their anger and resentment toward each other in balloons and popped the balloons! The metaphor of the balloons holding the anger and then popping did […]

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Hypnosis Tips Overview

The Hypnosis Tips newsletter and blog are free resources for those interested in hypnosis. It’s oriented toward professionals and enthusiasts alike. It’s not aimed toward people who have no knowledge of hypnosis at all. If you’re a “newbie,” please read the FAQ and lurk for a while before you post. Comments such as “Does hypnosis […]

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Blog FAQ

Hi folks, Keith Livingston here. This is the blog for my site Hypnosis 101. If you want to subscribe to an rss feed of this blog, here’s the url… Here are a few rules of the road… * This is a moderated blog, meaning that I’ll take a look at all posts before they’re […]

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