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Hypnotic Inductions

How to Hypnotize

How to HypnotizeI’m often asked how to hypnotize people. Folks seem to think that it’s some special combination of words or some secret way of standing or using the “hypnotic stare.” The truth is that in most cases, all you need to do is have a willing subject who understands what you want them to do. In order to demonstrate how much this is true, here’s an induction I call “The Simplest Induction Ever”

How To Hypnotize

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Easy Hypnotic Inductions

An easy, reliable and effective way to hypnotize is to ask the subject to produce hypnotic phenomena directly. In the old days, hypnotists used to swing a watch or hold up a bright object suggest “your eyes are getting very heavy,” wait for ten minutes for the eyes to get tired.

Here’s a video I pulled from the archives explaining this simple and powerful technique.

Easy and Effective Inductions

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