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NLP Strategies That Help Treat Clients Struggling With Compulsion

Mind over matter. Get out of your head. You’re overthinking it. Any of these phrases sound familiar? One of the largest personal obstacles to overcome is our programming. We teeter-totter between decisions; we question our outcomes; we sometimes wonder if we would have done things differently. It’s human nature. When working with clients – how […]

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NLP Training: What to Expect

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is not a traditional kind of psychotherapy, but it uses uses cues in communication and personal development to help people understand themselves. This, in turn, is used to find ways to better our lives and reach our goals, even ones that feel unattainable. If you’re interested in learning more about NLP training, one […]

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NLP & Ecology — More effective Therapuetic Interventions

Take ecology into account and boost the effectiveness of your work on yourself and your clients. Recently, I ran across a technique about dealing with people that you have negative feelings about. But this technique was missing something important — ecology! Let’s talk about how to spot a technique missing this important element, and how to […]

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Reframing: Simple Strategies

Reframing is the heart of NLP. Hypnotic suggestion results in reframing. Anchoring can cause reframing. 6-step reframing is, uhm, reframing. In the end, people come out of a successful session with a different perspective, or, “frame” about whatever they wanted help for. That frame can be conscious, unconscious, or both. Reframing can be particularly useful, when a […]

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