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Healing With NLP & Hypnosis

Most people just plain don’t believe it. But I’ve seen it over and over again–people free from pain, with more range of motion, with dramatically reduces levels of fear and anxiety after an NLP/hypnosis session. And often the results are permanent!

Here’s an introductory tutorial on how to work with people who have experienced an accident, injury, traumatic event or are suffering from a disease or condition.

Healing With NLP & Hypnosis

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The Traumatic Injury Relief Pattern

The Traumatic Injury Relief Pattern is probably one of the most under-rated patterns in NLP. It’s useful for anyone who’s been in an accident or been injured (there’s millions out there).

That means there are a tremendous number of people who can benefit.

It’s a brilliant melding of traditional NLP and a healing technique modeled from a Peruvian shaman who had near miraculous healing powers.

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Calibration in NLP

The Importance of Calibration in NLP Calibration is the art of taking a “mental snapshot” of a person’s emotional state(s). The purpose? So you know when they are accessing that state again. Another word for calibration is “measurement.” So, you’re looking/listening/feeling for clues and cues that mark a particular emotion in a person. How do […]

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