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Gaining rapport through pacing a person’s experience dramatically increases your effectiveness. Find out how.


Agree/Disagree Rapport Exercise

mismatchOne of my favorite exercises when teaching NLP is the agree/disagree exercise. It shows the influence physiological rapport techniques have on us. Plus, it shows how unconscious processes drive the way we feel much more powerfully than many of us realize.

In case you don’t know, NLP rapport techniques involve matching behavior. When generating rapport, we might position ourselves to have similar posture, breathe in rhythm, use similar language, speak at a similar rate and with similar tonality etc. In general, the more similarly you can act (without imitating), the more rapport you can generate. But the agree/disagree exercise is different…

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The Power Of Rapport Revealed In This Heart-Warming Video

RapportRapport is a deep process that’s mostly out of consciousness. How do we know? Because people that don’t have the ability to respond consciously still respond to rapport techniques. That’s one reason rapport techniques are practically unstoppable.

Notice how Naomi Feil uses rapport techniques, music, touch, rhythm, eliciting past experiences and more to reach an Alzheimer’s patient in…
The Power Of Rapport

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