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Submodalities: Qualities of visual, auditory and kinesthetic thoughts.


Compulsions: Overcoming Them With NLP

Compulsion_smNLP has a quick and simple pattern called a compulsion blowout. What does it do? Well, it blows out compulsions. It helps give people choice where they once felt compelled to do something. How much easier would it be to break that habit if the feeling of compulsion was gone? It doesn’t take long to learn and only a few minutes to do. Find out how in…

Overcoming Compulsions

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Superlearning With Submodalities — It’s Easy

GuitarHow do you use NLP to help you learn things faster? Is there a coding system in the mind that you can use to program yourself directly? What could you do if you were able to program the mind directly instead of slower methods like affirmations? Why do the qualities of the pictures and sounds you make inside your mind make such a big difference in what you can accomplish?

Find out in Superlearning With Submodalities — It’s Easy

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Trapped In A Web Of Anxiety

web of anxiety
“I feel like I could cry,” she said, as she did she made a spinning motion with her hands. As she went deeper into the feeling it got stronger and became almost a feeling of panic. I asked her to describe more abut the feeling. She said, “It’s like a web in my chest, white.”

What do you do in situations such as this? How do you work within a client’s metaphor in order to help them? What is so great about working content-free and what does that mean anyway? Discover one man’s answers in…

Trapped in a web of anxiety.

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