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Free Hypnosis & NLP Mini-Courses, Newsletters and Resources

When I first started learning about hypnosis and NLP, I was eager to find any free NLP and hypnosis information that I could. So I have put together some free mini courses, a newsletter, and other resources for you.

If you've already signed up for the newsletter, welcome! If not, I recommend starting there. But there is a lot more this website has to offer, and I encourage you to take advantage of it. I aim to provide as much help to achieving your hypnosis and NLP goals as I can.

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Get the Covert Hypnosis Mini-Course Delivered Straight to your Inbox.

Learn 6 powerful Covert Hypnosis patterns including…

  • Presuppositions
  • Illusion of Choice
  • Awareness Predicates
  • Using Adverbs and Adjectives Hypnotically
  • Ambiguities
  • Embedded Suggestions

Plus: What Covert Hypnosis is and when to use it.

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Get the Sleight of Mouth Mini-Course Delivered Straight to your Inbox.

Learn 6 powerful Sleight of Mouth patterns including…

  • Reality strategy
  • Model of the world
  • Consequence
  • Metaphor
  • Counter example
  • Intent

Plus: What Sleight of Mouth is and when to use Sleight of Mouth Patterns.

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Learn How to Formulate Hypnotic Suggestions

A five part email mini-course including…

  • What Direct Suggestion Hypnosis Is
  • Why Direct Suggestion Works
  • Direct Suggestions Guidelines
  • Factors for Powerful Suggestions

and much more…

Build skill and confidence – learn how to create suggestions for any situation.

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“Create Metaphors like Milton Erickson.”

The mind-boggling hypnotic power used to propel key lessons, communications and instructions deep into unconscious minds…

If you’ve read anything about hypnosis, you probably already know about the legendary hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Erickson was able to accomplish remarkable things with clients, often just by telling a story.

These aren’t just random stories. They’re often used to teach folks valuable moral principles and life lessons. And they’re stories designed to have a specific effect on the listener.

Parables from the bible, Sufi stories, fairy tales, Native American storytelling, Norse sagas, Indian Puranas (stories of wisdom), children’s fables, government propaganda – you name ’em, they harness the power of storytelling.

Now, in this free, 7-part email mini-course, learn to generate these stories yourself. Learn…

  • What is a Metaphor?
  • How Metaphors are Hypnosis
  • When to Use Metaphor
  • How to Construct Metaphors
  • A Real Life Metaphor Story – and the Results
  • Building Effective Metaphors (Parallel Realities)

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