Guarantee & Returns

We are so confident in the quality of our NLP & Hypnosis programs that we make a full, 90 day guarantee on all our programs.

This is not a feeble, “If your DVD stops working, we’ll replace it” guarantee. Here, if you think the program you ordered doesn’t deliver, you can send it back and get the money you paid for the program back. Here’s how…

Reply using your receipt email, or use Contact Us asking for a return. Please use the same email address you used when you ordered or include your order number. I’ll email instructions on where to send the returns. Returns can not be mailed back to my shipping facilities as they don’t handle returns. Mail the program back, in usable condition to the address I provide you.

Within two business days of receiving the return, I’ll refund your purchase price (I don’t refund shipping). It usually takes another couple of days to show the refund in your credit card account.

Combating Fraud

Because we have such a strong guarantee, we’ve seen an upsurge in fraudulent orders. There are “customers” who put in one order, wait a few days and put in another order before the guarantee on the first order expires. They return the first order once the second has been shipped and eventually return both orders. These folks ordered with the idea of returning everything.

Anotehr fraud technique is to order a lot at once–and then return all items.

We’ve figured out a way to protect ourselves while still giving you the strongest guarantee in the industry.


Products carry a 90 day guarantee starting from the time you receive them.

If you get something from us and are going to return it, don’t order any additional items! When you later order additional products, you are indicating you are satisfied with earlier purchases and agreeing not to return them. The 90 day guarantee applies only to your most recent order. However, we will replace any defective materials up to 90 days on any order.

If you order multiple products in a single order, the guarantee applies only to one item in the order (your choice on the item).

Guarantee on Certification Programs

If you buy one of our certification programs and use it to get certified with a professional organization, you can not return the course for a refund (duh). If you attempt to return the course after becoming certified, we will contact the organization and suggest you be dismissed for unethical behavior.


For physical programs, you are responsible for shipping the items back to me in usable condition. Any costs I incur (additional shipping costs because you refused to accept the shipment or damage a program for instance) will be subtracted from your refund. I don’t refund shipping charges.


Keith Livingston
President: Advancing Ideas LLC