Forensic Hypnosis

Forensic Hypnosis

From NBC4 News
WASHINGTON — It’s a crime-fighting tool that often kept secret, but hypnosis has been used in high profile cases in the D.C. area and across the country.

“We gained additional investigative information, probably a couple of pages worth of the getaway vehicle and the physical makeup of the potential suspect,” said senior special agent John Kilnapp of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Forensic hypnosis was put on the map in 1976 in California when a school bus driver and 27 students were kidnapped and buried alive. The driver escaped, underwent hypnosis, and remembered the license plate number of the abductors’ van.

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Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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