Hypnosis May Help Those With Dementia

Hypnosis May Help Those With Dementia

In an article titled “Hypnosis shown to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for dementia sufferers,” Mail Online reports on a study by University of Liverpool forensic psychologist, Dr Simon Duff.

Hypnosis shown to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for dementia sufferers

In short, the study shows that people living with dementia who received hypnosis therapy showed an improvement in concentration, memory and socialization compared to mainstream health-care methods and a type of group therapy. The hypnotic cohort showed improvement across every measurement the study covered. The group therapy cohort stayed the same and measurements in the group receiving standard medical treatment showed small declines in functioning.

Relaxation, motivation and daily living activities also improved with the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis should be standard protocol for dementia!

Of course, you probably can guess what I think…

Hypnosis should become a standard treatment for those suffering from dementia. It’s a tremendous opportunity for those of us in the profession to help people who otherwise have few places to turn. Hypnosis is incredibly safe and without the risk of side-effects some drug interventions carry.

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