Affect Bridge Example

Affect Bridge Regression Example

In this demo video, I take a subject back to the root cause of her issue using the affect bridge technique. Using the affect bridge in this way is a quick, easy way to find the emotionally charged events that can be causing problems in people’s current lives.

As you can see, the affect bridge is very quick and quite easily gets a person back to the event that may have started their current problem. While normally, regression is thought of as a deep hypnotic phenomenon, this shows that regression can happen without any formal induction whatsoever.

There’s a transcript of the dialog beneath the video.

K: “Does anybody have a situation where they react in a way that they don’t like?”

L: “I had a situation. My husband always comes home from work. But I had a situation where he was much later than he was supposed to be and he didn’t call. It was amazing how all of that old stuff came up (referring to past problems with ex-husband). Different husband but it’s still there.”

K: “So, when you think about him not coming home, do you get those feelings?”

L: “I did, yeah.”

K: “And can you do that now?”

L: “Yeah.”

K: “OK. So where do you feel that in your body?”

L: “In the gut.”

K: “Is there any, do you hear any internal dialog or any sounds in your mind as you feel that feeling, right in the gut?”

L: “Yeah, kind of a whooshing.”

K: “A whooshing. And what imagery goes with that feeling–that you feel that right in your gut?”

L: “Uhmmm… I get the imagery of a window. With slats–I’m looking out.”

K: “OK. You see that imagery with the window with slats, you feel that feeling in your gut and you hear that whooshing sound. Close your eyes if you would. I’d like you to concentrate on that feeling, that sound and that imagery. And just say to yourself, to your unconscious mind; ‘Go to an earlier time, when I had these same sensations,’ and notice what comes up.”

L: “I’m not getting anything.”

K: “OK. Don’t try to make it happen. Don’t stop it from happening. Just allow any sound, image or feeling that comes to you to come to you. Now I know you’ve got several others of these in here because you were just talking about them. So, concentrate on the feeling in the gut, say to yourself; ‘Go to an earlier time when I felt this same emotion.”

L: “Hmmm.”

K: “What do you get?”

L: “Well, I’m getting me as a kid, looking out the kitchen window, waiting for my dad to get home so we can go trick-or-treating because it’s getting dark and he’s not home yet.”

K: “Had you connected that memory with this before?”

L: “No.”

K: “I’d like you to concentrate on that feeling in your gut, close your eyes, just allow whatever happens to happen and ask your unconscious mind to go to the first time that you had that feeling.”

L: “Hmmm…”

K: “What do you get?”

L: “Uhmmmm, I’m getting when I…” (We find the root cause incident for this feeling that is causing her current distress. It’s a bit too personal to make public so I edited it out as the point of this is to show you the technique.)

P.S. I posted this, of course, with the subject’s permission.

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Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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