How To Make 'Bad' People Go Away

How To Make ‘Bad’ People Go Away

Beware of Poisonous SnakesIn my recent post, You Are The Center Of The Universe, I wrote…

“I was talking with a good friend the other day. He has a theory about how you attract people into your life. His theory is that everything that comes into your life is a reflection of some aspect of yourself.”

I’ve found it extremely useful to act as if that’s true. Why? Well, I figure if someone bugs me, they are really showing me an aspect of myself that I don’t like. The universe mirrors us back to ourselves.

That Means ‘Bad’ People Are You!

I know. It’s a bummer. Plus, it may not be true. But this idea has had good results in my life. A negative emotion that gets triggered by someone does so because you have that trigger. They are a reflection of that part of you. Their function, in terms of their relationship to you, is to show you that aspect of yourself.

At the very least, it seems like a good idea to me to take care of unpleasant emotions that come up in your life. Look at it this way…

Emotion = Important

One of the ways the mind categorizes things is by emotion. The more emotion contained in a context, the more important it seems to the mind. So, if your mother-in-law really gets on your nerves, it’s important!

Wouldn’t it be nice if things that weren’t so nice weren’t important? How do we make them so? We resolve them in ourselves.

This Means That You Can Get Rid Of Those Annoying People

When you resolve those negative emotions in yourself, those people can’t trigger those emotions anymore. They then become less important and typically drop off your radar. Even if they’re still around, they won’t be that important any more. You see, relationships are systems. When one element of a system changes (the way you are responding to them, for instance), the relationship changes.

Give it a whirl,

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