The # 1 Mistake Hypnosis Practitioners Make--And How To Avoid It

The # 1 Mistake Hypnosis Practitioners Make–And How To Avoid It

Induction mistakeI got an email the other day–it’s similar to dozens of others I’ve received. It said, “I’m doing this induction technique and it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?”

I think the question reveals a fundamental flaw in the way many people approach hypnosis. Make that same mistake and you’ll be doomed to having a lack of confidence in your inductions, in your skills and in hypnosis–for all time. And I see a lot of people in that boat–even practicing, professional hypnotherapists that have a severe lack of confidence.

OK, so what is this flaw and how do we correct it?

Back to the email…

When I asked the guy how he knew his subjects weren’t getting to deep levels of trance, he gave me one example…
He was doing an induction with a head roll in it and said the subject’s neck was not relaxed “like it should be” at that point in the induction. Well, that’s what happens when you view hypnosis as something you do to another person. That’s what happens when you view a technique as something that creates hypnosis.

Let’s shift perspectives and see what happens…

Hypnosis Is Not ‘Doing To’ It’s Guiding!

What happens if you view hypnosis as something that people learn how to do?

Well, if someone doesn’t relax their neck and you want them to–you should ask them to relax their neck! Give them instructions. If you don’t think of that naturally, it probably means you’re not taking control and giving guidance to help that person get there.

So look at it this way…

When you are hypnotizing someone, you are their guide and you’re in control. You’re going to ask them to do things that tend to lead toward hypnosis. If they’re not doing them in a way that produces hypnosis–give them guidance!

Enjoy your trance experience,

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