Can hypnosis change what people see, hear and feel? Yes, find out why and why it's important, here.

Brain Scans and Hypnosis

Brain Scans and Hypnosis

Can hypnosis change what people see, hear and feel?

Yes, according to a new article in the Houston Chronicle. Data is now beginning to emerge showing how the brain changes when people’s sensory perceptions are altered. Brain scans show people that people’s brains “hallucinating” sensory input while experiencing hypnosis behave much like brains that are actually experiencing the real sensory input. These brain scans are much different than those who are not in hypnosis and are pretending or imagining the sensory input. Simply put, an imagined hypnotic experience can seem absolutely real to the brain.

Anyone who’s done hypnosis for any length of time knows that therapeutic hypnosis often changes perceptions–often long after the session has ended. It’s nice to know science is starting to catch up!

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