Attacked By Clowns, Zombies & Trolls--You're Next

Attacked By Clowns, Zombies & Trolls–You’re Next

clownIf you’re in the field of hypnosis or NLP, this will happen to you…

Attacked By Clowns, Zombies & Trolls

Recently, in a hypnosis related forum, there was a debate about whether suggestions should be stated in the positive or not. And it brought to mind a drawback of being in this industry.

The NLP/Hypnosis Field Is In Disarray

There are few standards in training and practitioners are all over the map. There are crazy people, obnoxious people and people that just don’t know what they’re doing. I know it’s true in all professions but both hypnosis and NLP attract more than their fair share. One way of looking at it is that there’s a tremendous opportunity to stand out above the crowd, if you make sense and conduct yourself well. But for the bad news… There are lots of negative elements in the system. I mentally divide them up in to three categories; clowns, zombies and trolls.


There are a lot of folks in the field who simply don’t know what they’re doing. But that doesn’t stop them from being extremely visible and loud and attention-getting. I call them clowns. If you express an opinion that’s different that theirs, they will shout you down. They seem to be trying to get to the top of the heap by being the loudest.


The field is full of zombies. These are people that simply parrot what their instructors told them. If you ask them a questions about a controversial subject, you can almost hear the words of their instructors coming out of their mouths. They sound a bit like a tape recording. They’ve swallowed the cool-aid.


There are trolls everywhere in the Internet, of course. They are people that spend their time looking for a fight.

What I’m Going To Do

Professionally, I’m going on a diet. I no longer am a member of any of the professional hypnosis associations (I do still sit on one advisory board). No more posting in forums, Facebook NLP/hypnosis pages–none of that. I’m not even going to visit. I’m deleting accounts and leaving groups. I know some of you are out there reading those things. Think for a moment about the quality of information you find there. I’ve found it lacking. I’m going to get ideas and inspiration in other ways. Now, I don’t have all the answers. But I’d like to make this site more of a community. A place to go where there’s good, solid hypnosis & NLP information available. A place where you can go without being attacked by clowns, zombies or trolls.

What You Can Do

Think about it. Where have you gotten really good quality information, inspiration and ideas? Where have you wasted you time? You can prune, you know. And you can get ideas about hypnosis & NLP from outside the field! And if this site has been helpful to you, get more involved. Post a comment, write an article, share, sign up for my newsletter. If I haven’t been helpful unsubscribe (I’m not for everyone)!

Here’s to the future.


PS: In general, it’s a good idea to state hypnotic suggestions in the positive. In other words, say what you want, not what you don’t want. “You’re relaxed and calm” is a better suggestion than “You’re not tense or anxious any more.” The reason? It’s easier for the mind to process a positive than a negative. If I say, “Don’t step in the mud-puddle,” you have to stop and figure out what I want you to do. If I say, “Walk here where it’s dry,” you don’t have to stop and think and thus your conscious mind can remain less active. And that’s what we want when delivering direct suggestion.

I’m open to being wrong though…

I think a good experiment would be to use instant inductions and for half the people say, “Don’t stay awake.” The other half would get “go fast asleep.” I wonder what the results would be…

If anyone does this, let me know the results!

PPS: You might think I’m for more regulation in the industry but I’m not. Standardized education might mean everyone learning the same nonsense rather than people learning different nonsense. There certainly isn’t anyone in the field that I’d want deciding what should be taught and what should be left out. Even me!

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