The Power of Emotion

The Power of Emotion

The Power Of Emotions

The key to powerful NLP and hypnosis interventions…

The reason that we use NLP and hypnosis on ourselves or to help other people, is to help them change their subconscious programming. A great question to ask is “What factors go into making someone programmable?”

Hypnosis, NLP & Emotion

Hypnosis, obviously, is one. In hypnosis, people are more suggestible and they can change their subconscious programming. NLP contains many, many processes which we lead people through, which help them reprogram themselves.

But there’s another factor which can really boost the power of either one of those tools…


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Emotion is Key for Permanent Changes

If you think about it, most of the times you’ve learned great life lessons have to do with emotion. Maybe you got inspired or incredibly determined. Negative programming can happen the same way. Phobias are usually programmed in the midst of an incredibly emotional experience.

So, what we want to do is to add emotions to our suggestions when we work with hypnosis. We want to use powerful emotions in our NLP processes. You’ll notice that, with NLP, almost every process includes eliciting a powerful emotion–positive, negative or both–within the process.

Of course, if you add emotion to hypnotic suggestions, it makes them much, much more powerful.

In the next video, we’ll get into how to get emotional states and amplify them so we can be as effective as possible.


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