Expert Village Interviews Keith Livingston on Hypnosis

Expert Village Interviews Keith Livingston On HypnosisExpert Village Interviews Keith Livingston

Tanya Martinez from ExpertVillage.com interviewed me today about hypnosis. The conversation ranged from basic questions about hypnosis to how hypnosis can be used for serious medical conditions.

You can listen to the interview on line or download it to your computer. You have permission to distribute the interview as long as you do not edit or alter it in any way.

Click to listen or right-click to download.

[membership_download_item_mp3 link=”http://d3grluvzeke47w.cloudfront.net/Expert Village Interview.mp3″ + target=”_self”]Expert Village Interviews Keith Livingston[/membership_download_item_mp3]

The self hypnosis technique mentioned in the interview can be found here.


That’s it for this Hypnosis Tip. Join me again next time more more useful hypnosis information.

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