Free Webinar Monday Night: Hypnosis Mastery

Free Webinar: Monday April 19 at 6:20 PM

Free Webinar: Hypnosis Mastery

* Uncover the secrets to having confidence hypnotizing almost
anyone in practically any situation.
* Discover the 4 critical qualities that make a master hypnotist.
* Learn how you can master hypnosis.

Join Michael Bennett, President of Bennett/Stellar University and
Keith Livingston, from, as they reveal the
secrets to being confident with hypnosis–in almost any situation
with practically anyone.

Webinar Completed — No Replay Available

Yes, Keith and Michael will be telling you about an upcoming
program and a special price for that program during the webinar
but you will find the event valuable even if you don’t take them
up on the offer.

About The Author:

Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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