How to protect yourself against negative suggestions

Protect yourselfSee Suggestion and Hypnosis and More about Suggestion and Hypnosis for earlier parts of this article.

Let me give you a couple of examples of negative suggestions…

Once, when a relative of mine was in the hospital, a nurse was explaining to her about the pain medication my relative was receiving. The nurse said “Don’t worry about becoming addicted to the pain medication. That’s a problem for people with chronic pain, not for the acute pain you’re going to have.”

The suggestion was that the patient was going to feel acute pain! You see, one way to bypass the critical factor is by an authority figure. If you accept someone else’s opinion over your own, they can easily bypass your critical factor. Medical personnel often bypass patient’s critical factor because of their specialized knowledge. In other words, when the doctor tell us something related to our health, we tend to believe it because the doctor has training we don’t.

So, how do we protect ourselves against negative suggestion?

Well in short, we need to think about things a bit more. Here’s what I do.

Whenever anyone is talking to me I consider if I like what they’re saying. In other words, if what they were saying was true, would I like that? Would it be good for me? Would it be something I chose for myself?

If not, I either reject it outright or decide to gather more information about it.

Next time: Examples of negative suggestions I’ve received and how I protected myself.

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