Hypnosis, Fertility and Marketing

Hypnosis, Fertility and Marketing

Hypnosis, Fertility and Marketing

I’ve heard more than one story about Milton Erickson helping couples get pregnant. The thing is, this is not only a tremendous chance to help people but there’s a definite publicity angle that can be used to generate lots of business.

Local News Stories Generate Publicity

Recently, I happened to catch the local news doing a segment on “hypnotic fertility.” As a qualified hypnosis practitioner, there are tons of things you can help folks with. From a marketing perspective, the opportunities are almost unlimited.

Medical hypnosis is an area with lots of room to grow–recently a Seattle news broadcast–covered an arena that could be fulfilling and profitable…
“hypnotic fertility.”

In the news story, they interviewed an hypnosis practitioner and her client, a woman who had tried to get pregnant for years. Only two days after her hypnosis session, was able to conceive. The story also referenced a study which supported the science behind the treatment.

Help People and Run a Successful Practice

…and that’s the point– This practitioner got interviewed on the news – she not only works in a fulfilling area of the field but was able to generate substantial publicity–and that means dollars in her bank account. This field is full of these kinds of opportunities.

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