Success Starts HereOr… How something you already know can change your life.

What Do I Already Know That Can Help Me?

A few years ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about books we’d read. He mentioned one that I had already read, I said, “I’ve read that one but I didn’t get anything new out of it. “He said, “Sometimes I read a book to remind me of what I already know.”

I’ve thought back to that comment many times over the years. I think his attitude is one that could pay dividends for him throughout his life. Look at it this way… If I read a book and start saying to myself as I read it, “There’s nothing new here, this is a waste of time” I won’t get much value out of the book. He reads it and says (among other things) “What is in this book that I can use?”

Now, what I’m writing about today is not something new–you already know it. But, it’s about something you can use. Inspiration.

The Human Condition

There’s something about overcoming odds, tenacity and reaching goals that is inspiring. It’s the human condition to strive. We can all relate to it.

Yesterday I met a couple of guys we’ll call Mitch and Matt (I can’t tell you what their real names are or what we were talking about as it was personal and I don’t have their permission). They were reflecting back on the year to a group of us. They opened up and told us about their successes this last year and the times they had crashed and burned–sometimes dramatically. They were honest, open and funny.

The thing that impressed me most about both of them was their tenacity. Mitch talked about something he’d done for three months solid without any success. Then–it worked! They both spoke about the tremendous obstacles they’d overcome and the blocks they wanted to work on this year, It made me think back to all the things I’d given up on this last year because they didn’t work the first or second time.

After Matt and Mitch spoke I was energized. I resolved to push through some things that are really important to me. Most importantly, I took action toward those goals.

The Lesson You Already Know

Here’s what I (re)learned…

Surround yourself with people, artwork, music, books and stories that inspire and energize you. In fact, you might just take a moment and think about it right now. What is it you can surround yourself with to breathe life into your life and environment. Go get that stuff and treat yourself.

Simple, huh?


PS: The word inspire, comes from the Latin–to breathe.

PPS: One of my goals is to make more of a community. I would like it to be a place people come to be inspired. Stay tuned.

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