Recording Audio For Hypnosis

Recording Audio For Hypnosis

Make Your Own Hypnosis Recordings

Creating Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3sA lot of people ask me about the technical aspects of making hypnosis CDs and MP3s. “What microphone do you use? How do you mix the background music with the voice? Where do you get good music?” Being a former audio engineer (maybe you didn’t know that), it’s something that comes pretty easily to me. And with today’s computer technology, it’s easier than ever.

If You Don’t Know How To Do It, It Can Be Tough

But if you don’t know how, it’s tough. Most people don’t know much about audio. More than one acquaintance of mine has tried to make a recording by playing music on a boom box while recording their voice on their computer and depending on the mic to pick up the background music. Trust me, that’s not going to sound professional.

I Can Teach You How & Make It Easy!

Once you know how, creating a recording is very much like using a word processor. You can cut your mistakes out. You can copy and paste audio. You can fade music in and out. Everything can be clean and professional sounding. There are even free programs that can help you do it.

Since I get so many questions on the subject, I thought I’d put together a program that shows how to do it. It’s called Creating Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3s.

I used to teach audio engineering at the college level. I know how recording works and how to explain it to regular folks. So, plop the DVD into your computer and let the video tutorials I made will take you by the hand and lead you through how to make your own spoken-word recordings.

Creating Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3s

  • What gear to get
  • How to record your voice
  • How to edit mistakes
  • How to add music
  • Royalty free music
  • How to mix the voice and music for a final track
  • How to burn a CD or create an MP3
  • How to get free artwork
  • How to CDs manufactured and shipped for you
  • A resource guide
  • And How Do You Find Music?

    You can’t take your favorite recording and use it as background music for a hypnosis CD you’re going to sell. It’s not legal!. You have to have rights to the music. You can contact the artist and ask for the rights or you can use what’s called “royalty free” music. There’s lots of royalty free music out there. It’s being produced for use in TV commercials, internet ads, radio spots, etc. Of course, it’s generally much more expensive that downloading a track from iTunes. But the biggest problem is that it’s hard to find music that’s long enough! Most royalty free music is sold in lengths of 15, 30 and 60 seconds. Finding 45 minutes of music to have on your hypnosis program is not too easy.

    This Program Includes Royalty Free Music!

    I’ve provided some royalty free music for you to get started. The program comes on a DVD that plops in to your computer and it includes several royalty free cuts. Just copy and paste the music onto your computer and you’re ready to start adding music.

    “Creating Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3s” Will Get You There More Quickly

    If you have hypnosis or NLP knowledge and want to help more people, make more money or just make recordings that make you sound like a pro, Creating Professional Spoken-Word CDs & MP3s will show you how. Check it out here.

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