Suggestion and Hypnosis

Suggestion and HypnosisMost people don’t recognize the role suggestions plays – in or out of “formal” hypnosis. Even professional hypnotherapists can make the mistake of thinking that deep trance is necessary for suggestions to take hold. Some even hold that suggestion and hypnosis are the same thing.

Suggestion exists separately from hypnosis and hypnosis can exist without suggestion. Let’s come up with a couple of definitions to help us sort things out.

Hypnosis: Bypass of the critical factor of the mind and establishment of selective thinking.

Suggestion: Introducing or conveying an idea.

Let’s look at both of these definitions more closely…

Bypass of the critical factor simply means the relaxation of that part of the mind which evaluates things based on what we already know. For instance, if we’re watching a movie and we really get into it, we are bypassing the critical factor of the mind. In effect, we’re accepting the reality of the premise of the movie for the purpose of increasing our enjoyment of it. We’re pretending.

When we are really into a good book and we’re imagining what the author has written, we’re bypassing the critical factor of the mind. We’re suspending that part of our mind that judges whether or not the words are actually true and concentrating/focusing on the content.

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