You Are The Center Of The Universe

You Are The Center Of The Universe

Spiral GalaxyI was talking with a good friend the other day. He has a theory about how you attract people into your life. His theory is that everything that comes into your life is a reflection of some aspect of yourself.

I think that’s an extremely useful belief to take on at times.

Dreams & Reality

Every once in a while I like to look at life as if it’s a dream. To me, dreams are metaphors for what’s going on internally. I like dream interpretation that involves exploring every aspect of a dream as if it’s a part of you. If you have a dream about meeting a mysterious man while you are riding a bicycle through a cornfield; you, the man, the cornfield and the bicycle are all aspects of you.

It can be illuminating to step in to each character in the dream to get some insight into what that aspect of yourself is expressing through their existence. When you find what seems like negative stuff, you’d do well to resolve it in whatever way you know.

And sometimes I go around pretending life is a dream (it is, really) and interpreting life that way. It’s similar to the way my friend thinks. I act as if each person, thing and event in my life is a reflection of what’s going on inside me. I interpret and work to resolve anything I see that I don’t like. You might give it a go–it’ll blow your mind.

What Does That Say About Me?

In that scenario, you might ask what it is about that dude at work that bugs you that is a reflection of you. You can for a moment, step in to what you imagine that person’s existence is and learn something. Really learn something about yourself.

I know. It’s easier in the short term to just point fingers and blame others. It’s not as cool though. Trust me.

Solution Or Pollution

The great thing is that, once you step in to what bothers you and resolve it in yourself, the people that may have ‘done you wrong’ seem to shift. In most cases, they disappear from or become non-important in your life. It’s as if once the lesson is learned, the ‘teacher’ has to go bug someone else. There’s nothing for them to hook you with anymore.

It Works With Clients Too!

If you’re a pro, you can use this to the advantage of your clients. While it may or may not be useful to point out that the irritating boss the client has is simply a reflection of what irritates the client about themselves, it’s good for you to understand it as a possibility! Now you know where to look.


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