The Vogt Deepener

The Vogt Deepener

The Vogt Deepener

DeepeningI got asked about the Vogt deepener recently. It’s a cool deepener so I thought I’d let all you guys in on it. I’ve altered the language a bit to make it more effective 🙂

What Is A Deepener?

A deepener is a process designed to deepen trance. You can use the Vogt deepener (it’s a nice one) as is or you can use the concepts therein to customize a deepener for the client, based on their responses to your induction. The basic idea is that deepening is a suggestion. You tie the client going deeper to some cue. The best deepeners use the advantages that trance gives us and amplify responses that occur naturally during trance.

Fractionating Deepeners

The Vogt is a fractionating deepener. It deepens trance, not only by suggestion but also by repeatedly emerging the subject from trance and then plunging them back in. Usually, the more people come in and out of trance, the deeper they go as they go back in–especially if you suggest it. Repeated, rapid emerging then re-inducing trance is called fractionation.

To be more accurate, usually you don’t fully emerge someone but bring them up a bit. They may open their eyes but not be fully emerged during this process.

Here’s the language…

“In a little while, I’m going to count from 1 to 5. When I get to 5, your eyes will be open but you’ll feel sleepy and wonderfully drowsy and you’ll find it difficult not to close your eyes.

You’ll want to sleep. Your eyes will feel heavy, those eyes will want to blink, and they’ll begin to blink, and you won’t be able to stop them, and as those eyes blink, you’ll get sleepier and drowsier and as you get more relaxed and at peace those eyes will want to close and they do close.

And you’ll drift off in to a blissful, relaxation while going much, much deeper than you are right now.

So, when I count to five and those eyes open, you won’t be able to keep your eyes open for very long at all because you’ll feel so very, very sleepy–so very, very tired that those eyes blink. Those eyes close. And you fall into a deep, deep, relaxing sleep.”

Amplifying Responses

When you count them up and you get to 5, their eyes will open or half-open. This is when you amplify whatever response they give you. If their eyes blink, you reinforce that. If their eyes are half open, you mention it and comment that they (the eyes) are getting heavier and want to close etc. You might say something such as…

“That’s right. Those eyes are blinking because they feel so drowsy, so sleepy, so relaxed. They feel heavier and heavier as you go deeper and deeper.”

Repeat the deepener a few times and most people will be pretty zonked!

Roll Your Own

If you understand the concepts behind this (or any) deepener, you can roll your own. Here’s the basic process…

1) Set up a signal for them opening their eyes (the Vogt uses counting, which is nice and gentle).
2) Suggest that when they do, they’ll immediately start experiencing signs of trance (heavy eyes, relaxation etc.) more intensly.
3) Lather, rinse, repeat.

An Example

Here’s a quick example of another way you could do use these concepts…

“In a moment, I’m going to lift up your arm slowly. As I do, your eyes will gently open. Then I’m going to drop your arm down and when your arm contacts the chair, you’ll instantly close your eyes and drop twice as deeply into relaxation. When your arm drops down you drop down much, much deeper.”

Got it?



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