Hypnotic Inductions

Hypnotic InductionsHypnosis Inductions

Here are written versions of hypnosis inductions – they should get you started. Nothing replaces instruction by a professional, however.  If you’d like a more thorough and explicit understanding of inductions check out our home-study hypnosis course.

These induction are made much easier by a quality pre-induction talk. In order for most people to allow themselves to become hypnotized you must dispel the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. In order for them to believe they were hypnotized they need to know what the experience of hypnosis might be like for them. That’s what a good pre-talk will do for you.

Follow the links below for induction instructions.

Modified Dave Elman Induction: (Modified): Dave Elman is one of the giants of modern hypnotherapy. His methods and insights produce dramatic results in a very short time. His standard induction allows the majority of people to reach the somnambulistic state in 4 minutes or less. Learn this powerful and effective induction.

Progressive Relaxation Induction: The progressive relaxation induction is an old standby. Folks with modern training in hypnosis rarely use it anymore but occasionally it is appropriate. It’s an easy one to perform although it takes a bit of time and patience.

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