Instant Induction Demo

Instant Induction Demo

Instant Induction Demo

I was looking through some seminar footage from a few years back and I ran across this footage with my friend Lisa Mills. Lisa was a hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist and musician and more importantly, a good person. She is missed.

I think she’d enjoy me putting this video up.

What Makes An Instant Induction Work?

An instant induction usually contains some shock, startle or surprise. If it’s enough to get the conscious mind to stop being gatekeeper for a brief moment, you can get an idea more directly in to the unconscious mind. If that idea promotes hypnosis or a relaxed state in general, and if it’s followed by deepening suggestions, you can have an instant induction.

Not The Complete Induction

In this clip, I had asked for volunteers to demonstrate part of an induction. There’s more to the complete induction but this was enough to make it work!

I should point out that should you want to do this kind of inductions, understand how to deal with safety issues first.


PS: More instant inductions here.

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