Maniac On The Street Hypnotizing Random Passers-By

Maniac On The Street Hypnotizing Random Passers-By

A few weeks ago, I was down near L.A., minding my own business, walking toward the beach. In the distance, on the boardwalk, I saw a crowd gathered around a man. There was a camera crew… something was going on. As I drew near I could see he was hypnotizing people right there on the boardwalk!

Rapid inductions, instant inductions, suggestibility tests, you name it–he was doing it.

Later that day, I got a chance to talk to him. It turns out, he recognized me through my products and we knew each other through several people in the hypnosis and NLP field. In fact, I’d heard about this madman running around hypnotizing folks through a few of my hypno-buddies.

Who is he? He is Sean Michael Andrews. Here are a few videos of him in action, doing instant inductions. Enjoy,

Here he is in L.A., where I met him…

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