Hypnotic Pain Control Example

Hypnotic Pain Control Example

pain control with hypnosis

Here’s a case where I hypnotized Mike, and when he emerged, he mentioned that his face was numb (spontaneous pain control). Now, I hadn’t said anything about creating numbness — it just happened spontaneously! I was just demonstrating inductions. That shows some talent, right there. So, why not give him some control over it?

So, I re-hypnotized him, moved the numbness to his hand, and tested it pretty good. I have no doubt he’ll be able to turn that into a real asset if he were to need to do pain control (anesthesia or analgesia) on himself. Plus, it gives him a good sense of accomplishment and builds his belief in hypnosis.

Let’s pick the video up where I emerge Mike from trance…

Hypnotic Pain Control Example

Numbness transferred from face to wrist.

It’s often a good idea to amplify a natural talent a person in hypnosis shows. Even problems require a talent, in order to manifest. A person with a phobia, for instance, has the ability to have their imagination create powerful emotions. If you can turn that talent to goal setting, you might have something really valuable!

In this case, Mike simply showed a good capacity to spontaneously create numbness — without any suggestion to do so. So, we can add suggestions that he expand this ability, that the ability grow stronger each time he is hypnotized, that it happens more quickly and thoroughly, each time. That way, the ability to control pain is ready, should he need it.

I’d suspect that Mike could easily have significant levels of skill in pain management, with a little reinforcement.

Of course, it’s a good idea to suggest to a person, that pain is the body’s way of communicating that something may be wrong, and it’s best to immediately check with a doctor, if there’s a significant level of pain. However, in cases where you know what’s causing the pain, and there’s nothing you can do about it, pain management and control can be the difference between a life of suffering, and a life of good quality.


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