Are Past-Life Regressions Real? Let's Find Out!

Are Past-Life Regressions Real? Let’s Find Out!

Regression questionsI recently had the chance to video 3 past life regression sessions. It was part of an experiment to see whether any of the information from the regressions could be corroborated. I’m not finished with the analysis but here’s a chance to add your input to the experiment.

When you do past life regressions, ask your clients these questions, get this information from them and record their answers (with permission). I’d like to hear what they say…

Information To Get

  • What year is it?
  • How old are you?
  • What is the place that you live called?
  • What is your full name?
  • What are the names of your parents, siblings, neighbors, children, other relatives?
  • Who is your local leader?
  • What are the names of other leaders you know?
  • Do you practice a religion? If so, what is i called?
  • Where do you worship?
  • Who is head of your local place of worship, if any?
  • What famous people have you heard of?
  • What famous historical events are you aware of?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you eat?
  • What do you wear?
  • Where do your clothes come from?
  • What are the names of people you know?
  • If you can hear the words of people around you, please repeat those words in the language you hear them.
  • Do you have any money? If so, please describe what it looks like, in detail.
  • Do you use any tools? If so, please describe them in detail.

Ask any other questions that you can think of that will help you determine whether or not a past life regression agrees with what we know historically. Of course, not all of the questions will be appropriate for all sessions.

Why Get This Information?

I believe we have a responsibility to examine what we do to make sure we’re doing the best we can for our clients. If we examine past life regressions and find they don’t reflect any sort of historical reality, I think we have an obligation to tell our clients that. If we find they do have validity, then we should be able to tell them that, as well.

Who To Believe

Call me suspicious but personally, I don’t place much credence in people that have skin in the game. Some people have books to sell. They have a vested interest.

Most of the people in the field of hypnosis have made their minds up one way or another. Very few people have taken a look at both sides of the story. The people I’ve talked to that do past life regressions mostly believe that PLR has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as a real thing. Most of the people I’ve met that don’t believe scoff at the idea and have a hard time thinking anyone would take it seriously.

I’ve read reincarnation books and anti-reincarnation books. I’ve watched past life regression sessions. I’ve had well-known people in the field ask these questions of their clients. Hopefully, I’ll has the results for you soon.

What do you do when opinions are so polarized? You use your brain and find out for yourself, of course. That’s why I decided to take a look myself. In the meantime…

I’d Be Interested In Knowing…

Now I’m interested in your input. I’m interested in knowing what you find. I’m particularly interested in video of sessions where people are supposedly re-living past lives and their answers to these questions. We’ll gather information and see if we can confirm or deny it.

Some Precautions And A Format

If you’re going to share information about a session, please get written permission from your client.

Here’s the format I suggest…

  1. Record audio and/or video of a session.
  2. Ask the questions during the course of a session.
  3. Review the recording and write down any fact that could possibly be confirmed or denied via research.
  4. Send copies of the written and recorded material to me, I can have someone do the research for us.

As an example, in one of the sessions I just recorded, the client mentioned windows in the streets of Paris during a particular time period. I had her describe the windows, as well as money she had, in detail. We should be able to research and find out what kind of windows and money were available in Paris during that tome period.


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