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Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis Scripts

Weight Control | Test Anxiety | Social Anxiety

Here are some hypnosis scripts. These scripts are valuable in understanding how to approach giving suggestions and constructing a hypnotic intervention. The art of hypnosis is giving suggestions that are uniquely powerful and beneficial to the individual or group you are hypnotizing. You can not do this reading from a prepared script. While some hypnotherapists use scripts exclusively in their practice, most competent hypnotherapists would call them “readers” or “scriptnotists” rather than hypnotherapists.

So why have a page on scripts at all? If you are trained in how hypnosis works and how to formulate suggestions effectively, you can get ideas from scripts on how other professionals approach a given condition. The scripts below are examples of how other professionals approach their work. None of these scripts are mine. I personally don’t use scripts. They are provided without warranty or guarantee of any kind. Use at your own risk.

If you aren’t trained in hypnosis at all, these scripts may be useful for self-hypnosis.

Though the approach some of these scripts take may vary from hypnotherapist to hypnotherapist, there is value in utilizing and understanding a wide range of methodologies. Some of these scripts are intended only for the use of professional hypnotherapists. Any hypnosis for a medical problem requires a referral from a health professional and should only be conducted by a trained professional. If you have any scripts to add, please email me and I might include them.

These are not scripts for hypnotic induction but for what you do AFTER you’ve induced hypnosis. To discover how to work without scripts like the best professionals do, check out my certification course.

Weight Loss

You have begun a positive approach to obtain the slim, healthy, attractive body, which you desire.  I am going to give you suggestions that will make this a permanent change in your living.  These suggestions are going to take complete and thorough effect upon the deepest part of your subconscious mind, sealing themselves in the deepest part of every cell of your brain and body.  You are going to be surprised and amazed just how effective these suggestions are going to be and how much they will become a part of your everyday life, giving you a brand new pattern, brand new thoughts, a brand new method of action, to make you an effective and successful person.

You have begun a positive approach for obtaining a healthy, attractive body, which you so desire.  You have chosen hypnosis as a positive means to attain this goal, because hypnosis is a great aid in permanently changing your emotional reactions to food and eating.  You realize that hypnosis is a new positive approach in attaining and maintaining the size and weight that you desire.  Through hypnosis you will restore normal reflexes that will keep you satisfied and bring into play that wonderful feeling of well-being.  Visualize yourself as the slim, attractive, healthy person that you want to be, visualize yourself at the exact weight and size that you desire to be.

As you go deeper and deeper into relaxation, even deeper and deeper down with every breath you exhale, all the sounds fade away in the distance.  You will pay attention only to the sound of my voice, listening carefully to the positive suggestions that I am about to give you.

Each time before you eat,  you will check in with your stomach to make sure you are in fact hungry.  Just look down to your right and ask your stomach if it is hungry.  If the stomach is not hungry you will not eat.  You will find something else to do.  If the stomach is hungry, you will look down and to your left and ask what you can eat that will make you feel healthy and energized and satisfied 30 minutes from now.  Then you will look up and to the left and visualize your healthy food choices to satisfy the question, what can I eat that will make me feel healthy and energized and satisfied 30 minutes from now.  This slender eating strategy will be a permanent thought process, your slender eating strategy will be your to attain and maintain your ideal weight.  You will stop eating as soon as your stomach is satisfied, before it actually feels full.

Through hypnosis you will restore normal reflexes that will keep you satisfied and bring into play that wonderful feeling of well-being.  The word diet is a negative word; it threatens you with denial of food and death.  Hypnosis is a positive word; it makes you relax, comfortable and alive.  Diets fail; hypnosis succeeds. Diets bring about starvation which leads to overeating and excess weight gain.  Hypnosis brings about satisfaction which leads to relaxation and brings about a slim, attractive body, a relaxed mind and a satiated spirit.  The old urge to diet is now completely removed from your mind for now you realize that the real answer is in restoring normal reflexes.  You will concentrate on it, obeying every suggestion I give you, for hypnosis is a positive approach.  Hypnotic suggestions which you receive will rapidly bring about a change which is necessary to insure a permanently slim, healthy, attractive body, which you so desire.

Now I want you to imagine that you are on a swing and you are the perfect size and weight. I want you to slowly start swinging.  As you swing higher and higher at a safe level, I want your metabolism to adjust higher and higher, I want your subconscious mind to adjust your metabolism safely to the appropriate level to help you attain your desired weight.  As you continue to swing, your metabolism continues to adjust until it gets to the perfect rate, the perfect rate of metabolism to get to your desired weight, and to maintain that ideal weight.  As you swing, the metabolism is adjusting to the perfect rate, your subconscious knows what your metabolism needs to be to meet your weight goals.  Your subconscious mind will adjust your metabolism until it is at the appropriate level, as you continue swinging.  Good.  Now your metabolism is just where it needs to be.

Now that your metabolism has increased to the point it needs to be for your ideal weight, it will need water to help flush out any toxins or excess weight that you are needlessly carrying.  You crave water, wonderful life giving water when you are thirsty, and even when you’re not.  Water is the means for cellulite to leave your body.  Your body gets rid of excess weight and cellulite easily and more quickly with each glass of water that you drink.  Water tastes better than ever before.  Each time that you go to the bathroom you will know that the water is working to rid your body of excess weight and cellulite.  Water has never tasted so good as it does, now.

Continue to breathe deeply and be aware of your breathing.  With each breath you relax more and more, with each inhalation you bring in health, and vitality and with each exhalation you release what no longer belongs within your body, you sink deeper and deeper.  Notice how good it feels.  Unhealthy eating habits that didn’t work for you and extra weight were perhaps ways of creating a security blanket, a sense of comfort, and a sense of being whole and complete in the past, you responded this way because of various emotional situations.  The subconscious mind, stores all of your memories and the lessons learned from each situation. The way it works for you is it presents you with options of responding to different situations, based on the lessons learned from the past. It’s called a trigger response, something very natural and very easy and involuntary.  In the past your subconscious mind was trying to help remind you of the lessons learned from those emotional situations, it tried to give you what it thought was the best response available to you at the time.  Now, we want to thank your subconscious mind, for that reminder, we don’t need that reminder anymore, we now have other ways of responding that are healthier options than food and eating.  The lesson has been learned. You can imagine other ways of dealing with situations and expressing emotions safely without the need for food.  You now have the creative ability to choose the most positive way of responding in all situations.  You may journal you feelings, or listen to your favorite music, or you enjoy spending time with friends, or you choose to walk or exercise, you do anything that you really enjoy like meditating, playing, or learning something new.  Eating is only necessary to satisfy and nourish your body. You only eat to satisfy real hunger, with healthy food choices, and you stop eating when your stomach is no longer hungry, do not wait until you are full, by that time you have already overeaten.

Now I want your subconscious mind to check in with your hormones.  Your subconscious mind will gently and safely adjust your hormones so that they are at the correct levels for you.  Your subconscious mind  balances your hormones so there are no additional food cravings at certain times of the month.  Your subconscious mind adjusted your hormones so that you feel in balance always, when you are in balance you do not have cravings, your body maintains a consistent balance throughout each month.  Your monitors your metabolism and hormones every morning it makes any necessary adjustments in order for you to attain and maintain your ideal weight, and your own sense of balance.  All systems work in harmony, so that you operate always at your fullest potential.

One thing is very important, you are not only going to reach your ideal weight, you will find it very easy to maintain.  You will be thirsty for water each day, you will have a desire to move your body in some way every day.  You will find time to exercise regularly every week.  You exercise when your body needs it, just like you eat when your stomach is truly hungry.  You  find time throughout the day to exercise and release all the toxins from your body and to aid your metabolism to maintain optimum levels.  Sometimes as the need arises you may exercise two times a day, taking a walk, gardening, riding a bicycle or going to the gym.  Exercise as this important part of your life, makes you feel healthy, sexy, confident and energized.  You always find at least a 20 minute window during the day to move your body in healthy ways.

Each time that you exercise and make a slender eating choice, you  have a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.  Each time you look in the mirror you see the beautiful person that is confident, healthy, happy, and sexy.  You are very wise to choose hypnosis as a positive approach to a new, wonderful lifestyle, a lifestyle of slender eating habits that you feel good and look good.  You are attaining your naturally perfect size with little effort.  Diets are a thing of your past, hypnosis is the perfect solution to give your subconscious mind the power and ability to meet all of your goals.  Your mind has the power to do anything you want.  You are in control, the slender eating strategy is already in your subconscious mind and is second nature to you.

Now I’m going to count from one to three, and then I’ll say “wide awake and energized”.  At the count of three, your eyes are open, and you will be wide awake, feeling calm, rested, refreshed, and relaxed.  All right, one, slowly, calmly, easily you’re returning to your full awareness once again.  Two, each muscle and nerve in your body is relaxed, and you feel wonderfully good.  From head to toe you are feeling perfect in every way.  Physically perfect, mentally perfect and emotionally perfect.  On the next number I count eyelids open, fully aware, feeling calm, rested, refreshed, invigorated and full of energy. Three, you’re fully aware now, eyelids open.  Take a good deep breath, fill your lungs, and stretch.

Gwen Foster & Hilary Nixon

Help For Test Anxiety

I like taking tests!
Tests allow me to understand how I’m doing. Tests allow me time to relax my muscles as I concentrate on using my intelligence. I look forward to examinations. I enjoy expanding my mind and all of its abilities.
Tests allow me to focus on valuable information and knowledge.
Someday I may need this knowledge in my life. I may someday use the information I’m learning to help someone I care about.

All of the information I study is recorded for easy access whenever and wherever I need or want it. I can quickly and easily retrieve this information. When I study, each and every word I read or hear has its own meaning and importance.

I imagine my mind is like a video camera.
This video camera is recording all of my experiences… Everything I see is recorded. Everything I hear is recorded. Everything I feel is recorded.
All of these events and all this information is being recorded in my brain…All of this information will be readily available whenever I want it.

Before I take each test I will review this information.
I will read over the information many, many times. As I do this, I will become very relaxed. It’s so easy to quickly learn and absorb knowledge as I feel relaxed, calm and alert continually.

When its test time I will take take three relaxing, deep breaths when I enter the test taking area.
As I exhale, I will concentrate on letting all of the tension out of my body.
As I first view the test, I will take three long, satisfying breaths, concentrating on relaxing my body.
As I more deeply relax, my mind becomes even more fully alert and aware, running at full efficiency. When I reach a question that seems not as easy, I will skip it, relax as I answer the easier questions, then go back to it later. I realize that the questions that are not as easy will help me to prove my improved level of knowledge. I am much smarter than I ever thought possible.

Author: Various Sources

For this next script, I would steer clear of the references to fear, feelings of inferiority or other negatively based suggestions. In most cases, it’s better to frame suggestions in the positive (what you want) as opposed to saying you won’t have what you don’t want.

Even for folks who are more “away from” motivated in this context, the suggestions might work better if phrased in the positive. You can address their motivation style by framing a previous suggestion related to their criteria in an away from manner–and then the suggestion in the positive. But if you know what that means, you’re probably not using a script for your hypnotic suggestions!


Confidence In Company

So…you will remain more relaxed… and calmer… whenever you are in the presence of other people… and it doesn’t matter whether it is a small group of people… or a large group… or whether they are friends or strangers….

you will now learn… to not have any fear of speaking in front of other people… you will always be able to express yourself easily and confidently… and you will learn to speak eloquently and confidently… with intelligence and humour when appropriate … your conversations will flow easily….and you will enjoy talking to people…. about any subject that arises… and now you will always be able to meet people on equal terms… without the slightest feelings of inferiority… you will become… so deeply interested… so deeply absorbed in what you are saying… that you become completely focused in the conversation… to the complete exclusion of everything else…

and so you always remain perfectly relaxed… perfectly calm and self confident… when you are speaking to other people… whether it’s to do with business or pleasure… whether its on a one to one… or to a group… and when your with other people… you become much less conscious of yourself… and your own feelings… you will consequently be able to talk quite freely and naturally… if you should begin to think of yourself….you will immediately shift your attention back to your conversation … and you will remain calm… confident… and self assured… at all times…

and because of this… you will find that you get on better with people… you gain their respect easily… because you are a good listener… and you speak with intelligence and confidence … and you like to laugh with people… as you know its a wonderful way to communicate… and this makes you feel happy and content….knowing that you can communicate easily with people from all walks of life… as you draw upon your experiences of life to make your conversations interesting….

and as time goes by… you will find that you enjoy being around other people… as your skills of communication grow more and more refined… and you draw opportunities towards you… as people respond to your likeable easy going personality… and so as you grow more and more confident about your own abilities… when your in the company of other people… you grow more confident about yourself… and develop an inner calm and strength… as the days weeks and months go by….

© 2000 Terence Watts

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