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Create metaphors like Milton Erickson

The mind-boggling hypnotic power that religions, governments and cults use to propel key lessons, communications and instructions deep into people's unconscious minds...

The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor If you’ve read anything about hypnosis, you probably already know about the legendary hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Read a book by or about Erickson and you’ll feel two things – awe and confusion. You feel awe because of the incredible things Erickson was able to accomplish, often just by telling a story. You feel confusion because you (or the authors) seem to have little idea of how he did it! But it’s not just Erickson and a few other geniuses who have used storytelling as a powerful form of hypnotic communication. Religions, governments and cults (some good, some evil) all use storytelling as a way to hammer messages deep into people’s minds. Parables from the bible, Sufi stories, fairy tales, Native American storytelling, Norse sagas, Indian Puranas (stories of wisdom), children’s fables, government propaganda – you name ’em, they have stories. These aren’t just random stories. They’re often used to teach folks valuable moral principles and life lessons. And they’re stories designed to have a specific effect on the listener. These stories powerfully engage the conscious mind and the unconscious mind at the same time. Engaging the mind at both the levels allows you to transmit ultra-compelling communications deep into the mind to make them permanently powerful. 

You too can harness the mind-blowing power that religions, governments, cults, cultures and traditions use to drive important messages, lessons, moral structures and behaviors deep into people’s minds


The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor: Parallel Realities, Nested Loops, Multiple Embedded Metaphors, Chaining Anchors, Representational System Shifts, Submodalities, Blurring Realities and more…

  Until now there has not been a comprehensive program designed to get you up to speed in telling the kind of powerful, hypnotic, multi-level, incredibly effective hypnotic metaphors Erickson, Richard Bandler and other storytelling masters use. The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor is two dynamic CDs (83 minutes and 7 seconds) full of powerful information. Recorded live at an NLP Master Practitioner training, folks paid thousands to hear this material. But you’ll get more metaphor instruction and information than they did! You’ll get additional studio recorded material, PLUS a condensed, laser-focused 32 page workbook on CD–of theories, explanations, diagrams and exercises. It’s the most concise, useful and practical collection of metaphor information on the planet! 

Create powerful, compelling metaphors that compel behavior, obliterate “resistance” and drive your message deep into the unconscious mind of your listeners

  • Boost the power and effectiveness of your messages
  • Blow “resistance” out of the water
  • Create change simply by telling a story
  • Use hypnosis conversationally in many situations where it’s not possible to use formal hypnosis
  • Create hypnotically compelling stories that trigger action by using the power of the unconscious
  • Learn to use advanced NLP techniques including swish patterns, chaining anchors, representational systems, submodalities and more – all inside stories!
  • Create amnesia with stories
  • Learn to build parallel realities that entrance people and speak directly to their unconscious
  • Use your communication to provide valuable solutions without getting trapped into giving advice
  • Elicit powerful emotions in people and get them to apply those positive drivers as solutions to their problems – all with a story
  • Learn how to blur the lines between realities to make sure your message has the impact you’ve designed


Open people up, trance them out, hold them in the palm of your hand and send precise, compelling messages straight to their unconscious mind

You’ll get everything you need to develop and nurture these incredible hypnotic storytelling skills.

  • Live, unrehearsed demonstrations of metaphor generated for specific purpose so you can get behind the scenes and see the inner workings of this powerful set of tools.
  • CDs with explanations and demonstrations of multiple embedded metaphors using advanced techniques. Read how to do it, hear it then do it yourself.
  • Learn in the style that suits you best with both live seminar and studio recordings – get the best of both worlds.
  • Get the concepts quickly and begin applying them immediately with a comprehensive workbook on CD; with each theory and technique laid out for you in a logical, easy-to-understand fashion.
  • Quickly build skill in a step-by-step fashion that’s all there for you with our core skills exercises – the building blocks for creating ingenuously effective metaphors.
  • Take your hypnotic language skill set to the next level. Develop advanced skills with our advanced skills exercises. They give you a paint-by-the-numbers system for building skill.


Your Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor is waiting for you!

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The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor


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Keith Livingston

Hi Keith,

I listened to your Metaphor CD and read the workbookIt’s really enjoyable! Clear, simple and easy to understand and it definitely flows from one section to another. It was also a good reminder for me of the simple, yet profound NLP techniques that can be used with the metaphors.I hope you teach more and put some published books out or something so you can share your talents with the world ;)Talk to you later (look forward to the next parcel!)

Jen: San Diego, CA