Free NLP Course On Anchoring

Free NLP Course On Anchoring

AnchoringAnchoring is simply creating a link between a trigger and an emotional/mental state. When someone is experiencing a state, we can condition them to feel that emotion again, much like Pavlov did with his dogs. Usually, there’s less drool involved, though.

  • You can anchor yourself (anchor fun states)
  • You can anchor others
  • It’s a wonderful tool to help people get out of stuck states
  • It’s one of the core NLP skills that we use almost any time we work with someone
  • It takes some skill and timing, but nothing you can’t learn with a bit of practice

We use anchoring to help people feel and act more resourcefully in situations in which they’re feeling stuck. In other words, if they feel terrible when they’re interacting with their boss, we can help them feel better with anchoring. If we help them feel better, they’ll likely act more resourcefully.

I’ve got a free course on NLP Core Skills, including anchoring; you can sign up below.

NLP Core Skills Course


Preview Video

Here’s a little intro video to the anchoring portion of the NLP Core Skills Course. If you’d like the course, sign up using the form above. It’s free.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to the course. There’s no charge, I don’t take your credit card information or anything. There’s no time limit or sales pitch. It’s just a way of letting you become familiar with the quality of my work.



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