MeatballsMeatballs are Snow…

…Meaning and what it means.


Meatballs are snow.
Spaghetti is rain.
All together they are thunder
And Lightning!!!

I’m curious. What did you think about when you read those three lines? A few people I’ve read it to tell me they started thinking about how meatballs and like snow and spaghetti is like rain. Some say “Well, meatballs are bigger and rain, when it comes down, looks kind of like spaghetti noodles.”

We Seek Meaning

You see, humans are meaning-seeking beings. We ascribe meaning even when there is no meaning. Why is this important? Because the meaning we put on things can have a dramatic effect on how we feel and what we can accomplish.

You’ll often hear people who have been in a car accident or disaster and escaped with minor injuries describe themselves as lucky. “It could have been much worse,” they’ll say. Well, if they were so lucky, how come they were there in the first place? So are they lucky or unlucky?

When you examine it in any depth, you’ll see that many events or series of events can be thought of as lucky or unlucky. It all depends on the meaning you put on those events. We choose the meaning we put on events.

Why meaning means so much.

Again, the meaning we choose to put on evens can have a dramatic impact on how we operate in the world. Are people out to get us? Is the world a playground? When something happens in a foreign country do we view it as happening to “them” or do we see it as happening to one of “us” (humanity). It’s all a matter of the frame or meaning we put on it.

I have an idea about meaning. Meaning is something we make up. Since we make it up, why don’t we choose meanings that help us get done what we want to get done? And let’s do the same with our clients. Let’s help them frame the events around them to help them accomplish their goals. It’s called reframing…

The fact that they’ve tried multiple times to stop smoking and failed means they’re dedicated–not that stopping smoking is impossible. If their facial expressions are easily read it could mean that people can trust them. If they’ve experienced a traumatic past it could mean they have a depth of understanding that others don’t. Perhaps you get the idea.


BTW, “Meatballs” is a poem written by my nearly 7 year-old son. I believe it shows his incredible creativity!

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