Uptime Trance

Uptime Trance

uptime tranceOr…Super-learning and more.

What Is Uptime Trance?

Uptime trance is a different kind of trance than the one most people experience in a hypnotherapist’s office. While the traditional trance experience may be internally focused and have little movement, uptime trance is focused externally, you can walk, talk, be animated and be responsive.

In my NLP Practitioner training we did a revealing exercise. First, we were told to stand 3 or 4 feet away from another student and describe them. Then we followed a procedure designed to put us in an “uptime trance.” Then we described them again. When we looked back at the quality of the two different levels of description, the difference was remarkable. I for instance, initially described my partner as having blond hair and wearing a blue coat. On the second go-around I noticed that one hair was out of place!

In my “normal” state, I noticed big-picture things. In uptime trance I noticed not only all the big-picture stuff but an incredible level of detail as well.

What is Uptime Good For?

That’s what uptime trance can do for you. It’s useful any time you have a lot of information you need to take in all at once—especially if you have to deliver information at the same time. I use it when I teach or otherwise speak in public. It’s so much easier to track how 30 students are doing when you’re in uptime. You can see and track expressions, micro movements that indicate understanding or the lack of it and in general, have a great deal of information as to what’s going on in their minds. At the same time, you can interact and deliver information. Being able to interact and respond in this way can make a huge difference in the quality of your performance.

I believe most any professional athlete, musician and any other person who’s really good at what they do probably uses uptime trance while they’re doing it!

Uptime Trance Procedure

Here’s one way to get there…

1.Pick a spot on a wall and look at it (if you’re not near a wall just look at anything upon which you can focus).
2.Now, let your awareness expand so that, although you’re still looking in the direction of the spot you’re not looking at it. Allow yourself to get the sense that you can almost see 360 degrees—that you have awareness in all directions. You’ll feel a shift as you do this.
3.While keeping this visual expansion, let you attention go to your hearing and realize that your awareness of sound also extends out from your body in every direction.
4.Now add your kinesthetic sense. Imagine that you can feel and are spatially aware of everything in your environment—in all directions.

It’s a good idea to practice going back on forth from looking at the spot, to the uptime trance. As you become more adept at recognizing the feeling of uptime trance you also become more adept at creating it for yourself!


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