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Reframing: Simple Strategies

Reframing is the heart of NLP. Hypnotic suggestion results in reframing. Anchoring can cause reframing. 6-step reframing is, uhm, reframing. In the end, people come out of a successful session with a different perspective, or, “frame” about whatever they wanted help for. That frame can be conscious, unconscious, or both. Reframing can be particularly useful, when a […]

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Metamorphose: Solving Problems & Habits Through State Change

metamorphoseRead any comment thread on the Internet and you’ll find people who are not open to new information and who are threatened by opinions different than their own. Well, humans have a tendency to be that way. That can make it difficult to help someone change. If you’re a people-helper who makes your living helping people change, or someone who wants to change it’s vital you know about this tendency to stay stuck and what you can do about it.
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Solving Problems & Habits Through State Change

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