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When Should You Trust Regression?

Hypnosis can increase the ability to visualize more vividly. For many people, ‘vivid’ is a submodality that can mean ‘real’. In other words, if a person remembers or imagines a scene vividly, it can seem more real to them. So, can we trust thoughts we have as a result of regression techniques? Or could they simply […]

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Hypnosis, Love, & Religion

Hypnosis can be defined as an intense focus, on a single idea (monoideism). Another definition is ‘a highly suggestible state’. Some argue that hypnosis is not a state at all — but a condition. So, what is hypnosis, really? And how do we talk to people about hypnosis in a way that makes sense? What […]

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How Can We Change?

I’ve thought about it a lot. Why do we change sometimes, and other times it’s difficult to change? Why is it that, in one situation, we’re not open to advice — but if it’s the right person, and the right setting, a word can shift our thinking and actions? There are a lot of factors, and […]

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Goals & Positive Thinking

Recently, I saw yet another article that (partially) missed the boat. It talked about studies that indicate that positive thinking about a goal actually decreases the chances of you reaching the goal. The article added that people who spend time thinking about the obstacles they face in reaching their goal, and how they’re going to […]

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Unrealistic Goal, Or Limiting Belief?

“Anything is possible”, people say. But is it? We don’t know what the limits are, really. But we do know that many things are seemingly impossible, and others are unlikely. Chasing after wild and unlikely dreams could be a waste of time. But dreaming too small can keep you from reaching your full potential. Where do […]

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