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More Tips For A Successful Hypnotic Induction

cloudsDiscover an easy way to create you own hypnotic inductions and a powerful way to make any induction you do more effective. One day I needed a new induction. I was shooting video for my hypnosis course and I had a guy coming over in a few minutes. Rather than do a repeat of an induction I’d done earlier, I wanted some variety. But what to do?

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More Tips For Successful Hypnotic Inductions

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Wimpnotherapist: A wimpy, ineffective hypnotherapist.


Effective Inductions?

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it too. You’ve done an induction with someone and you’re not sure if they’re thoroughly hypnotized. You’re not sure whether or not your suggestions are going to take hold. And the moment of truth is now. You could test them–maybe stick their hand to the arm of the chair and have them try and lift it but they might lift it. And then they might think you’re a failure, that you can’t hypnotize them.

So you don’t test. You hope. You hope they’re hypnotized. You do a bit of deepening or throw some clever hypnotic language in there and hope it works. You’re a wimpnotherapist. How do you avoid being a wimpnotherapist? Find out in…


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How to Hypnotize

HypnotizeOne of the questions I’m most often asked by both budding hypnotists and experienced hypnotherapists is; “What is the best induction?” Everybody is looking for the right set of words that they can read from a script that are fast and powerful inducers of deep and effective trance. Various hypnosis instructors and hypnotherapists have their favorites. Some claim that their methods are the best or that you have to do it their way in order for it to work. What’s the truth? Find out my answer in…

The Best Hypnotic Induction

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