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What If Suggestions Don’t Work?

I recently got an email from a fellow who had hypnotized someone, given them suggestions, but the suggestions weren’t followed. He asked me for advice about ‘what went wrong’. Well, let me straighten a couple of things out, and give some suggestions as to how to make sure a higher percentage of your suggestions take […]

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Hypnotic Inductions: An Easy Tip

UnconsciousMovementWhat is ‘unconscious movement’, and how is it useful? What’s one simple technique you can throw into almost any hypnotic induction to make hypnosis easier.? What kinds of things lead to trance and what kinds of things lead away from it? Do we make decisions with our conscious minds or our unconscious mind? How does moving slowly get you there faster? Also, watch the most boring video possible in…

An Easy Hypnotic Induction Tip

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