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Confusion: Its Uses In Teaching,Therapy & Problem Solving

ConsuionHave you ever been in a group of people and someone from a ways away waved at you? Maybe you weren’t sure if they were waving at you or someone behind you but you didn’t recognize them. And as they came closer, you weren’t sure how to react. “Should I put on my, ‘Good to see you’ face or should I look like I don’t know them,” you might think. You’re confused.

Find out why that state of confusion is so valuable and why you’re going to want to create that confusion in others if you want to help them learn or change in…

Confusion: Its Uses In Teaching ,Therapy & Problem Solving

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Beginning Hypnotherapist Who Needs Confidence? Top 12 Tips

ConfidentDo you lack confidence with hypnotic inductions or suggestions? Maybe you want a career in hypnosis but lack the confidence to get going. Maybe you’ve already started seeing clients but aren’t sure you’re doing a good job. Grab my top 12 tips for dealing with lack of confidence in…

Are You A Beginning Hypnotherapist Who Need Confidence? Top 12 Tips

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Gathering Information Part 2

angerAre you trapped in issue-based thinking and using scripts for your clients? Would you like to discover a faster and more effective way to work–a way that doesn’t involve using scripts? Could you use practical real-life information about what information to gather from a client in order to create effective interventions?

Gathering Information Part 2: How Do We Know What To Look For In A Session?

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Gathering Information: The Most Important Part Of A Session

StructureSo, you’re sitting down with a client before a session. How do you know what to look for? Do you know what information you need to have in order to have an effective session? Are you making the mistake of falling into issue-based thinking? Many hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners do, and it blunts their effectiveness. Learn how to avoid this pitfall in…

Gathering Information: The Most Important Part Of A Session

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