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Mood & Reality

So, I was driving my van, and I noticed I was getting tense every time I had to make a left turn. Thinking back, I realized why. . . I used to drive my girlfriend’s car, and it had a tricky turn signal. Whenever you used the left turn signal, if you didn’t massage it […]

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Mondegreens, Oronyms And Indirect Suggestion

pulletDid you hear about the journalist who wrote a great article about a young hen who could play “Imagine” on the piano and with her talent, inspired the end to a war? It was a pullet surprise winning peace.

What does that awful pun have to do with hypnosis, NLP, indirect suggestion, ericksonian hypnosis and how effective you can be in helping people?

Find out in…Mondegreens, Oronyms And Indirect Suggestion

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Confusion: Its Uses In Teaching,Therapy & Problem Solving

ConsuionHave you ever been in a group of people and someone from a ways away waved at you? Maybe you weren’t sure if they were waving at you or someone behind you but you didn’t recognize them. And as they came closer, you weren’t sure how to react. “Should I put on my, ‘Good to see you’ face or should I look like I don’t know them,” you might think. You’re confused.

Find out why that state of confusion is so valuable and why you’re going to want to create that confusion in others if you want to help them learn or change in…

Confusion: Its Uses In Teaching ,Therapy & Problem Solving

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