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Compulsions: Overcoming Them With NLP

Compulsion_smNLP has a quick and simple pattern called a compulsion blowout. What does it do? Well, it blows out compulsions. It helps give people choice where they once felt compelled to do something. How much easier would it be to break that habit if the feeling of compulsion was gone? It doesn’t take long to learn and only a few minutes to do. Find out how in…

Overcoming Compulsions

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The NLP Presuppositions Are Not True!

Angry catBeliefs are funny things. Everybody has different beliefs and their beliefs have a lot to do with what they accomplish in life. The NLP presuppositions are an extremely useful codification of the beliefs of some incredibly effective therapists, but here’s a piece of news…

The NLP Presuppositions Are Not True!

So, why are NLP instructors teaching things that aren’t true? Do you know the difference between true and useful and how choosing wrongly can send you down the wrong path? How do the belief systems of some of the world’s most effective therapists helps us?

Find out in The NLP Presuppositions Are Not True!

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