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What is NLP and How Does it Influence Brain Behavior?

When it comes to hypnosis and brain behavior, a few tried and true methods probably come to mind. Famous psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and Ivan Pavlov made these methods well known and widely used today. While the efficacy of some of these have been proven time and time again, there’s a new method of self-improvement in town: […]

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NLP Training: What to Expect

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is not a traditional kind of psychotherapy, but it uses uses cues in communication and personal development to help people understand themselves. This, in turn, is used to find ways to better our lives and reach our goals, even ones that feel unattainable. If you’re interested in learning more about NLP training, one […]

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Becoming A Student Of The Game

Strategic thinking is the practice of putting logical, effective strategies into play, in order to increase your effectiveness with NLP and hypnosis. Conscious & Unconscious Skill-Sets There are (broadly), three different combinations of skill-sets in any complex endeavor. You have people that have a lot of natural talent. You have people that become students of the subject, […]

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