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What If Suggestions Don’t Work?

I recently got an email from a fellow who had hypnotized someone, given them suggestions, but the suggestions weren’t followed. He asked me for advice about ‘what went wrong’. Well, let me straighten a couple of things out, and give some suggestions as to how to make sure a higher percentage of your suggestions take […]

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How To Help People To Go Into Trance More Easily

pengiunsLots of people think that the secret to hypnotizing people is in the induction you use. Or maybe it’s in your pre-induction talk. Don’t get me wrong, those things are important. But like most skills, hypnotizing people depends on a mixture of factors. The one most people overlook is that inductions depend on a relationship between people. The words you say are important but the context of the relationship from which you say them is also important.

How do you use these ideas to more easily hypnotize people? Can you think and talk while in trance? Is hypnosis something one person does to another or is it something you do with someone. What do those penguins have to do with anything? Find out in…

How To Help People To Go Into Hypnosis More Easily

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Persuasion, Values and Rapport

SmoothieIf you are a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner, your job is to persuade people — unconsciously. Values are a powerful lever in helping people change. They’re also a pathway to deep rapport. What does this all have to do with an “Extreme Green Power Smoothie”? How do you persuade people (including me)? How do you use values to help people stop smoking or change other habits?

Find out in…
Persuasion, Values and Rapport

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Can You MAKE Someone Like You?

Make Someone HappyThe human brain automatically links memory to sensory input – associating smells, colors, etc, with specific places, events, even people. How can you use that to your advantage? Have you ever noticed how certain people seem able to MAKE people like them? Do they do it on purpose, or does it just happen? Can you learn how to do it? Can you teach someone else how?

Learn 5 simple tips to influence how someone else feels when they see you by using subtle NLP anchoring techniques, and associating someone’s good feelings with your own presence. Help clients expect positive results just because YOU are helping them, and teach them how to enhance their own personal and professional relationships with the same concepts.

Find these tips and more:

Can You Make Someone Like You?

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Is Your Presence Really a Present?

Do you like my hat?Have you ever experienced that lovely feeling upon seeing an old friend when years of cumulative joy and happiness flows through you, just at the sight of their smile? Or felt instant irritation upon seeing that one, particularly grumpy clerk at the post office? Maybe when you hear the key in the door that tells you your significant other is home, you get a little happy jump in your stomach? Or is it a feeling of dread?

Did you know you can not only change those automatic feelings within yourself, but you can influence what feelings other people have upon first seeing YOUR lovely face? Using NLP anchors in a subtle and repetitive way can help you associate positive feelings with your very presence…

Is Your Presence Really a Present?

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