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When Should You Trust Regression?

Hypnosis can increase the ability to visualize more vividly. For many people, ‘vivid’ is a submodality that can mean ‘real’. In other words, if a person remembers or imagines a scene vividly, it can seem more real to them. So, can we trust thoughts we have as a result of regression techniques? Or could they simply […]

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Goals & Positive Thinking

Recently, I saw yet another article that (partially) missed the boat. It talked about studies that indicate that positive thinking about a goal actually decreases the chances of you reaching the goal. The article added that people who spend time thinking about the obstacles they face in reaching their goal, and how they’re going to […]

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10 Minutes To Confidence — Conversational Reframing

10-minutes-confidenceHow can you elegantly change a person’s outlook with a simple text conversation? How do you boost confidence? What is reframing and how can using it conversationally add power to your therapeutic interventions and your ‘normal’ conversations. What do the colors blue and green mean?

Find out some of the answers in…

10 Minutes To Confidence — The Art Of Conversational Reframing

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How To Get 80% To Stick To A Goal

goal_memosIn a recent study posted in The Journal of Consumer Research, Authors Vanessa M. Patrick and Henrik Hagtvedt found that changing one word helped people stick to their goals 266% better (from 30% to 80%)! What was that change in wording and how can we use it to help ourselves stick to our goals and help our clients stick to theirs?

To explore the reasons this simple word change is so powerful, head over to…

How To Get 80% To Stick To A Goal

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